Lovevolution Foundation is offering aspiring artists, dreamers, & world changers in line with our vision, to use our foundation as an Umbrella to fulfilling your dream. Dr. King had a dream of racial equality, and then his dream became our reality. We want to know… what is your dream, & how can it make the world a better place in the process?

If your dream project is in alignment with our vision as stated on Lovevolution.net, then you may have private or corporate donors contribute to your artistry/project, by donating to Lovevolution Charity in your name. This is a tax deduction for them, & a way of funding your creative endeavors in this world. Those funds are then allocated directly towards making your dream a reality.

Once your dream project is accepted, then the Lovevolution Foundation will sponsor your project & make that dream a reality!

Applicants must submit a proposal via email at: LovevolutionFoundation@gmail.com 

For more information about our founder Baraka Kanaan, please visit:

Contact us regarding donating time, energy and financial resources:
Lovevolution Foundation
PO Box 377565
Oceanview, HI 96737


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