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The Lovevolution Foundation is a Maui-based, globally active educational 501c3 organization. It is dedicated to creating a social movement that encourages global transformation. Together with community leaders, Earth conscious organizations, and inspired thinkers of our time, the Foundation creates innovative, multimedia, educational materials that are presented to the public as live broadcasts, theatrical events, concerts, lectures, and other kinds of performances. The Foundation’s goal is to engage audiences in exciting, intelligent, and entertaining reexaminations of such issues as world peace, environment/sustainability, social justice, and creative self-actualization. It is dedicated to individual and universal transformation through social initiatives based on the following four principles:

* Education as creative outreach. Its programs make use of cutting edge media, inspired community outreach, and creative application of knowledge from the various academic disciplines. Our aim is to artistically reach mainstream society through educationally entertaining experiences that are fun, interactive, inclusive and intentionally designed to enchant audiences into states of positive global involvement.

* Personal Relationship with Earth: Lovevolution promotes ‘aloha a’ina’ (love of the land) through conservancy of a sustainable healthy biosphere and a clean environment for future generations to inhabit. We value the ‘hands on’ opportunity to personally connect to nature and develop a mutually beneficial friendship with the Earth.

* Universal Peace Performances: the Foundation promotes cross-cultural, transgender, and inter-species cooperation through international peace performances that consist of public and private concerts. Our peace initiatives are founded in the celebration of the creative arts (theater, music, dance, film, etc.) as a form of ‘collective educational therapy’ designed to peacefully unify divergent subgroups through focused social artistry.

* Celebration of Multicultural Diversity & The Arts: ‘Lovevolution’ itself as a namesake represents the synthesis of commonalities between emerging scientific understandings and the 'grass roots' love/expression of culturally diverse artistic traditions. We approach our events with a particular emphasis on inspiring a consensus of social excitement and responsibility in the preservation of the sanctity of all life forms of Earth. The Lovevolution foundation promotes a 'civility rights movement' on behalf of every sentient life, by growing the conceptual understandings of the human potential for cooperative and creative approaches to the world's collective challenges, in artistic ways that benefit the entire family-tree of Earth species.

Hawaii and all its beauty is the real inspiration behind the Lovevolution. In the spirit of Aloha (love), we welcome you to the magical island of Maui. We call it ‘Mauitopia’ because it is a veritable garden of pristine natural beauty, and one of the last vestiges of untouched tropical wilderness in the world. The Lovevolution retreat center in Haiku is dedicated to ‘energetic-metamorphosis’ through simple but elegant immersion in nature. Every month people from around the world come to be transformed, inspired and rejuvenated through the life-force of the islands, or what the Hawaiian's call the A'ina.

Our focus is nature and the human potential merging in a pristine equilibrium between all species. You are the magic that makes this vision a reality. Your energetic, and material support is what fuels the Lovevolution, so consider making a contribution to the cause, or coming to Maui to receive an initiation back to nature. Share our mission and events with your social networks or inner circles of friends. Lovevolution is a grass roots movement involving global communities and inspired individuals ready to catalyze the moment.

Shamelessly loving,

Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan, Ph. D.
(Founder and President of Lovevolution)

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Lovevolution Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
All donations made are  tax deductible.

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